Accessinge-books in the Jordan High School Library:

1. Go to

2. Click on the link to Jordan School District (bottom right-hand corner)

3. Click on Log-In (upper right-hand corner)

4. Log-in using the User Name: teacher and Password: teacher

5. Change the Material Type to Electronic Book (e-book)

6. Type in a title, subject or keyword (FIND line may be left blank which will return all the eBooks in the library)

7. On the Search Results page, click on the title you wish to access

8. On the right hand side, if the book is available, you can click to read Online.

9. If you would like to download a title from a library different than your local site, you are welcome to contact the teacher librarian at that site to get permission and instructions.

10. If you click on read Online, click on the link to Read Your Ebook Online Now

11. Remember, you can do the following with an e-book:

· Search for words (magnifying glass)

· Zoom in to make the text larger

· On some books, choose to see 1 page or 2 pages at once

· On some books, read out loud

· Hook your e-book to your projector and show pages to your class.

12. If the book is not available, you can Hold It (on the right-hand side)