1. Send this Information to Laurel to add textbooks to Destiny Textbook:

Title of book. Author. Publisher. Publication Date. ISBN #mirrors and windows.jpg

**Also note if the book is a teacher's edition or teacher's resource material; Laurel must attach TE and other teacher resources to the student book

2. Examples:

Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States: Early Years by Joyce Appleby, et al. McGraw Hill Education, 2014. ISBN: 0076597261

Mirrors and Windows, Level 1. Brenda Owens, senior editor. EMC. 2012. ISBN: 0821960296

3. If a teacher's edition or teacher resource material needs to be added, send information about the student edition as well as information about the teacher's edition, so the TE can be attached to the correct record.

4. Example:

Student edition:

Discovering Our Past: A History of the World. McGraw Hill, 2014, ISBN: 0076647838

Teacher's edition:

Discovering Our Past: A History of the World, Teacher's Edition. McGraw Hill, 2014, ISBN: 0076647528


(notice that you cannot always find an author in a textbook. . .)

5. If a classroom set of novels needs to be entered, send the novel to Laurel. Laurel needs the actual book to compare different paperback editions, number of pages, etc.