1. Defective books. They are usually covered by vendor warranties (PermaBound, Bound to Stay Bound, FolletBound will all imprints on the book that guarantees it for life):

If a book needs to be replaced, send the following information to your Media Technology Specialist. It can be found in the copy editor (Library Search > Search Results > "Title of Book" > Edit Copy > "Title of Book" > Edit Copy) part of the title record in Destiny.

Name of School
PO Number
Acquisition Date

2. Damaged books. If you can repair the book, do so. If the book is beyond repair or costly in time and materials to repair, place it in a box labeled “Consider for
Discard.” Your Media Technology Specialist will review the books. The book title may be placed on a request sheet if it is worthwhile being replaced. Each library has a DEMCO repair guide.

Suggestions for Book Repair Kit:
Hinge tape, Undo sticky cleaner, Bones, Book cleaner, Book glue (Norbond) H rubber bands