Processing Book Shipments

Processing books and materials consists of the following steps:

  • Paper work and verification of delivery
  • Processing of items
  • Entering records in the computer


1. When an order is created on Skyward, a copy of the Purchase Requisition and any
attached list of titles will be sent to you. (The Principal will also be notified of the order.)

2. After the order has been approved on the district level, the request turns into a Purchase
Order. This means the order has been sent to the vendor.

3. When the Area Media Specialist receives the PO (goldenrod in color) from the district,
she will attach a shipment record to it, photocopy it on yellow paper, and send it to you.
When you receive this yellow PO, attach it to the original order attachments sent to
you previously.

4. Be sure to get the right PO with the right request list. The request number and the PO
Number are not the same. The request number can be found at the upper right of the PO
labeled “Original REQ #. Use that number to match the PO with the “request”. The
P.O. will usually state the number of items ordered so you will have an additional way of
matching. That number will also help us track how close to completion an order is.

5. When books or supplies arrive, make sure the books belong to your school. Check the
books off on the original order attachment, not the packing slip. (The packing slip
only tells you what they “packed” and may not be what we ordered.)

6. When you check off the new items, use a number for the shipment and not just a check
mark. For shipment #1, mark (1); shipment #2, mark (2) etc. On the PO shipping record,
record the date the order arrived and the# of items in that shipment. Please make sure to
count the books accurately. Then photocopy these sheets and mail to your Area Library
Media Specialist. You only need to send a copy of the packing slip if your Area Library
Media Specialist requests it.

7. Please initial the column on the left of the shipping record that says “sent to ___, before
you send the pages. This is so that your work partner will know it has been completed.
Your Area Library Media Specialist uses this information to pay the bill.

8. File all pages pertaining to a purchase order in the following order:
a. Yellow purchase order (which replaces request sheet)
b. Attachments (Original Order)
c. Packing slips, invoice, etc.

If the PO (original goldenrod) or an invoice (which sometimes have a red signature stamp
on them) are sent to you, immediately send them to them to your Area Library Media
Specialist. Do not sign them.

If you receive a Purchase Order or Requisition from someone other than your Area
Library Media Specialist, do not process it. Call your Area Specialist immediately.

Processing the Books

1. Open the book properly. To prevent damage to the spine and increase the life of the book,
open the book the first time in this way. The book’s covers are placed lying flat on a
counter and the pages are held straight up. Starting from the left, take a small section of
pages and open them so that they will lie down on the book’s cover, just as if the book
were being opened and read. Press the fold where the pages are sewn. Then take a section
of pages from the right side, fold them down on the cover and press where the pages are
sewn together. Following the same procedure, work toward the middle. The book has
now been properly opened.

2. Stamp the book inside of the front and back covers.

3. Apply the barcode if necessary, making sure it is in the upper left corner of the front
cover. The book is barcoded in the same position as the others in the library media center.
If the book has an unprotected dust jacket, the barcode is placed on this jacket which is
then laminated or a clear mylar dust jacket protector is attached.

4. Apply spine labels if necessary.

  • Books with CD’s should have separate MARC records. One for the CD and one for the book. Attach a sticker inside the book saying that the CD has been removed.
  • Paperbacks may be covered with clear contact paper. Check with your Area Library Media Specialist..

Import Marc Records: If you receive a CD, see instructions under MARC. Otherwise,
contact your Media Specialist.

Book Processing Checklist

1. _ File requisition and title list if attached.
2. _ Replace the requisition with the yellow PO leaving the title list in place.
3. _ Check new books off on title list.
4. _ Fill in shipping record on yellow PO.
5. _ Send a copy of the marked title list and a copy of the yellow PO to Area Specialist.
6. _ Load MARC records or request a data load from your Area Library Media Specialist.
7. _ Stamp books (inside each cover).
8. _ Attach barcode and spine label (call number) if needed.

Processing Non-print Materials

Contact your Media Specialist.

Processing Equipment

(See Adding New Equipment to the database under the Equipment section of the manual.)