Processing Books with CDs Included

Many picture books are arriving that have a CD included. Please remove the CD
from the book. Where the plastic CD envelope is glued inside the cover, please
place a label that states: “CD is not included with book”. This will save many
parents and students a lot of worry.

Copy Information:
 Have the book as one copy attached to the MARC record.
 Have the CD as another copy attached to the MARC record.

The book and CD for Micawber by Lithgow is our example:

Book call #: E CD call #: CD

You have been given a set of jewel cases to hold these CDs. Please discuss with
your Media Specialist where to place the call number and barcode on your CD
cases and where to house these Book CDs in your media center. This will vary
from school to school depending upon your housing conditions.

The CDs will not be available for student checkout. Teachers may check them
out. You will also find them great to use for special occasions and when your
voice in not up to par.