Measuring Text Complexity--3 factorsText Complexity.PNG

Text Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile Bands

  • Currently using "stretch" bands

Destiny Online Catalog

Find a book's lexile level:

    • Look the book up by title
    • Look at the bottom of the brief information for lexile level
  • To find all the books in a lexile level range
    • Select Lexile as reading program at the bottom of the library search page
    • Type in a range in the Lexile Measure search boxes
    • You can narrow by subject--fantasy, mystery, etc.
    • Lexile Analyzer
      • Register /Login
      • Save as a Text file
      • Can only be 1000 words

Finding Non-Fiction Texts That Complement Novels

Webpath Express Database--Online Catalog Webpath_Express.jpg

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